Unique Costume Ideas For Comic-Con

Dressing up is one of the best parts of visiting a comic convention. As attendance to this events has grown, the variety of activities and attractions has also exploded to include not just comic books, but movie characters, popular TV shows, and even sci-fi and fantasy literary characters. When you're looking for a dress-up idea, you might worry about being lost in a sea of Harry Potters, Disney princesses, or Aragorns. Here are some things you should consider to help your cosplay stand out.

Look to the future for inspiration.

Instead of dressing up like a popular character from the past, try looking at trailers and teasers for much-anticipated upcoming animated movies or live action films. For example, if a sequel is going to feature a new villain, you could create a costume resembling the new adversary. Books that are being made into movies are another way to bring more obscure characters into light before the movie is released. Only die-hard fans who have been reading/watching the new trailers will recognize you, and they will appreciate your creativity. To help seal the deal, go with friends that are dressed up as other characters from the future release to help sell the complete illusion. 

Try gender-bending.

If you really love Disney and want to go as a major character, you can make a stand-out statement by choosing a character from the opposite gender. For example, if you're a man, you could dress up as Belle by choosing a traditional yellow and brown (or blue and white) color scheme and by making some of her well-known costume pieces more masculine. A yellow tunic with brown leggings, a golden headband, and some books (as well as a clock or a candlestick) would let people recognize your tribute and get a good laugh at your creativity. If you're a girl, you might try dressing up like Iron Man or even as a Disney prince. If you're in a LGBT relationship with another person, the gender-bending of a traditional comic or movie couple would help you attend as a recognizable couple. 

Choose an object or animal instead of a person.

Forget the main characters of a comic. Instead, try and think of an iconic item that represents your fandom. For example, fans of The Last Airbender might choose to go as Aang's air glider. With some ingenuity, you could make a large "one ring" costume, and have your friends dress up as Smeagol, Frodo, and other characters who pursue the ring throughout the books/movies. 

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