Tips For Having Film Students Evaluate A Stand-Up Comedy Documentary

Film students may student many types of films during their studies at a university. It's worthwhile to have theme explore a variety of documentaries, too. Stand-up comedy documentaries bring something entirely different to the table than those that chronicle a tragedy or seek to unveil a secret. Follow these tips to help film students get the most out of evaluating and studying stand-up comedy documentaries: Encourage Students to Seek a Deeper Meaning Read More 

Unique Costume Ideas For Comic-Con

Dressing up is one of the best parts of visiting a comic convention. As attendance to this events has grown, the variety of activities and attractions has also exploded to include not just comic books, but movie characters, popular TV shows, and even sci-fi and fantasy literary characters. When you're looking for a dress-up idea, you might worry about being lost in a sea of Harry Potters, Disney princesses, or Aragorns. Read More 

3 Tips For Safer Binge Watching

The days of waiting for a week to watch the next episode of your favorite television show may be coming to an end. Today, many people are likely to wait until they can get the complete TV series on Blu-Ray, where viewers can enjoy watching a whole season or series complete with special features and commentary. If this sounds like your viewing habits, you may be willing to admit that binge watching is not the healthiest habit to have. Read More