Six Times That Show Eric Roberts Is A Brilliant Actor

Anyone that grew up in the 80s likely watched Eric Roberts; he was a memorable supporting actor, with the rugged good looks and charisma of a leading man. Notably, Eric Roberts is brother to esteemed actress Julia Roberts and father to the talented Emma Roberts, of American Horror Story fame. With so much talent in the family, it might be possible to overlook the distinct facets of Eric Roberts and forget that he is a brilliant actor of stage and screen.

Six times that prove Eric Roberts' worth as an actor are:

1. As a Leading Man in King of the Gypsies

Don't forget that Eric Roberts was the lead role in King of the Gypsies, which won him his first Golden Globe nomination. He played Dave, who inherits the position of leader of the gypsies. This was Roberts' first big role, a lead right out of the gate in 1978.  

2. In The Pope of Greenwich Village with Mickey Rourke

Eric followed his success with The Pope of Greenwich Village in 1984 alongside Mickey Rourke and Daryl Hannah. Roberts played Paulie, a schemer who gets caught between the Mafia and a corrupt NYPD.

3. In the Old West with Purgatory

Later in 1999, Roberts put on a hat and boots to play in Purgatory, a western with Randy Quaid and Donnie Wahlburg. Roberts played "Blackjack" Britton, a man trying to find his way from purgatory to heaven.

4. For an Academy-Award Nominated Role in Runaway Train

Eric Roberts won his Academy Award nomination in 1985 for his portrayal of Buck, an escaped prisoner and convicted rapist, in Runaway Train.

5. As a Mafia Boss in The Dark Knight

Roberts played the role of Sal Maroni 2008'sThe Dark Knight, which starred Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger. Roberts plays the head of the mob who challenges Batman.

6. In a romantic drama with Sissy Spacek in Raggedy Man

One of Roberts' earlier roles—Teddy in Raggedy Man with Sissy Spacek in 1981—garnered him attention and earned him a reputation for being a sex symbol. The movie takes place in the Texas town of Gregory during WWII and Roberts' character smolders and next to leading lady Sissy Spacek.

These are only a few of the movies that Eric Roberts has worked on in his career, which includes over 100 pictures. The appearances on stage and television would fill pages if you wrote them all down. When reflecting on gifted actors and actresses of this generation, the list is incomplete without the talented Eric Roberts.