Why A Documentary About Standup Comedy Should Be The Next Film You See

With all the films competing for attention now, choosing which one to see isn't the easiest task. Rather than look at blockbusters, though, take a look at documentaries. If you find one about standup comedy, that may be the film you should see first.  Learn About What Made Famous Comedians Tick Some documentaries are biographies, and you may want to learn more about a famous comedian who you've actually heard little about. Read More 

4 Interesting Topics to Explore In Stand-up Comedy Documentaries

Almost everyone loves a good joke, and most people have told a joke at least once in their lives. Jokes are a great way to inject some levity into any situation. Some people make telling jokes their livelihood. These people are stand-up comedians who make a living by getting on stage and telling jokes to a live audience. The world of stand-up comedy is very unique, and many people inside and outside the industry find it fascinating. Read More 

Six Times That Show Eric Roberts Is A Brilliant Actor

Anyone that grew up in the 80s likely watched Eric Roberts; he was a memorable supporting actor, with the rugged good looks and charisma of a leading man. Notably, Eric Roberts is brother to esteemed actress Julia Roberts and father to the talented Emma Roberts, of American Horror Story fame. With so much talent in the family, it might be possible to overlook the distinct facets of Eric Roberts and forget that he is a brilliant actor of stage and screen. Read More 

Tips For Having Film Students Evaluate A Stand-Up Comedy Documentary

Film students may student many types of films during their studies at a university. It's worthwhile to have theme explore a variety of documentaries, too. Stand-up comedy documentaries bring something entirely different to the table than those that chronicle a tragedy or seek to unveil a secret. Follow these tips to help film students get the most out of evaluating and studying stand-up comedy documentaries: Encourage Students to Seek a Deeper Meaning Read More 

Unique Costume Ideas For Comic-Con

Dressing up is one of the best parts of visiting a comic convention. As attendance to this events has grown, the variety of activities and attractions has also exploded to include not just comic books, but movie characters, popular TV shows, and even sci-fi and fantasy literary characters. When you're looking for a dress-up idea, you might worry about being lost in a sea of Harry Potters, Disney princesses, or Aragorns. Read More